Dr. Jason S. Brattner is an established chiropractor in East Hills, NY who specializes in natural and holistic pain relief  and pain management, from today’s common causes of headache, neck pain, whiplash, back pain, sciatica, arm and leg pain, hand and foot pain, and shoulder pain.

Common clinical diagnoses treated are muscle spasm, trigger points, myofascitis, sprain and strain, cervicogenic headache, cervical, thoracic and lumbar disc bulge and disc herniation, sciatica, radiculitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints and plantar fascitis.


Stress, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, sports injuries, poor workplace ergonomics, car accidents and work accidents are the most common causes of the findings associated with the diagnoses above.  Chiropractic care is proven to relieve these symptoms.


“It is my goal and responsibility as a top chiropractor to quickly and naturally relieve you of head, neck, back, arm or leg pain that you suffer from.  After relief, I will help you prevent these aches and pains from returning, teaching you proper ergonomics and back exercises, so that you can live a more pain free life.”